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Seasons Greetings of Peace!
Thank you for visiting a space - out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing - dedicated to:

  • Weaving the foundations of a Culture of Peace through the establishment of global networks of Cooperation Circles dedicated to the observaton and celebration of Seasons of Peace:

    • Healing and restoring the Earth and our selves through open source, inclusive faith- and knowledge-based appreciation of annual seasons of peace, light, reconciliation, renewal and love;

    • Religious and spiritual teachings, prayers, poetry, songs and practices that express peace and love from all traditions, and the acknowledgment that all of Creation is sacred - La ilaha Ilallah - that there is nothing that is not of God, the Divine, the Great Spirit, the Tao - that there is one Light in all of creation - real, virtual and imaginary;

    • Respect and appreciation for the Earth as a whole - and for the entire community of life on the Earth - and deepening our connection to and understanding of the cycles, rhythms and phases of the Earth, with particular attention to the life-giving cycles of water;

    • Commitment to peace & reconciliation, and to nonviolent, loving resolution of conflict - to first do no harm; and to the restoration of the Earth as a peaceful, safe, happy and healthy home for our children, and for our children's children - through the seventh generation and beyond.

    • The preamble, purpose and principles of the United Religions Initiative (URI) and the adoption of Cooperation Circles as a vehicle for participation in Seasons of Peace.

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